Digital X-Rays


Digital X-rays help in the diagnosis and treatment of many dental procedures. They illustrate bone height, bone defects, infection, root involvement, tartar, tooth decay and more.

Digital X-rays are also beneficial in determining if gum disease is progressing or if arrested.

Here in Milford, Ohio, Dr. Campbell realizes the benefits for patients when utilizing the digital X-ray system. A digital X-ray allows for quick on screen reference to facilitate your understanding of any areas of concern. As well, digital X-rays allow for minimal exposure time with less radiation than normal X-rays.

Digital X-rays are scanned into our computer, allowing for the images of your teeth, supporting bone and gums to be large and crisp, stored in your file for future reference.

Digital X-rays are faster, safer and environmentally friendly.

Please feel free to speak to any one of our team members on how this amazing technology allows us to bring patient care to a higher and improved level.